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Trick Board

TRICK BOARD - Classic Get Tricky

TRICK BOARD - Classic Get Tricky

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Unlock the full potential of the Trickboard with its remarkable features:

  • Engage in effective proprioception training for deep sensation, enhancing control over your body and targeting all muscle groups.
  • Conveniently perform training in confined spaces, whether it's in your living room at home or any small area.
  • Enjoy a myriad of exercises, creating an unlimited workout repertoire for solo sessions or socializing with friends.

The Trickboard Classic stands as a proven product, endorsed by professional athletes who attest to its effectiveness in motor training. Foundational to any sport is visual-spatial coordination and control over every aspect of the body, qualities that the Trickboard enhances.

The comprehensive set includes a board and a rubber roller underneath. Crafted from rubber, the roller leaves no marks on dance floors or similar surfaces, ensuring a secure grip for exercises without the fear of slipping. Safety is further prioritized with brakes on the underside of the board, providing additional stability. The board's top is covered with a non-slip surface, accommodating usage with footwear, socks, or barefoot—whatever suits your preference.

The original rubber roller guarantees 100% safety, enabling you to confidently perform exercises on slippery surfaces like parquet, tiles, or panels. Elevate your workout experience with the Trickboard—an innovative and safe solution that adapts to your training needs.

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